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Board Game Of Thrones Colour by JJ Adams

Board Game Of Thrones Colour by JJ Adams

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Type: Limited Edition Print

Edition: 95

Medium:  Giclee On Paper

Framed Size:  41" x 35"

Signature: Yes, Hand Signed by The Artist

Certificate: Yes 

Delivery:  FREE UK Delivery

Here's a list of just some of the hidden elements within the artwork. A Game of Thrones themed artwork for the a fan!

*In the background: It says, “Kill the Masters" on the right wall.

*The Iron Throne and the metal eyelets and the teeth under the table makeup a hidden dragons face

*The Chandelier has “You know nothing” on it, taken from the loved saying of “You know nothing Jon Snow”

*There are three Dragons in the piece, one on the Chandelier, one on Daenerys' shoulder and one on the Goblet

*All the Noble House Logos are represented along the edge of the table. (Stark, Lannister, Tyrell, Clegane, etc.)

*Underneath there is a quote by Tywin Lannister “The Lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of sheep”

*On the legs of the table are: Tree Face on the right and a Swirl on the left, a swirl pattern is shown several times in the series by the forest folk and the white walkers from above.

*The cracked Skull under the table belongs to Oberyn Martell. (Crushed by the Mountain.)

*The Zombie Mountain is on the far right at the back

*There is a Dire Wolf on the left with the Three Eyed Raven (Brandon Stark) on its head.

*The Pommels of Brienne of Tarth and Jon Snow’s swords are visible (The Oath keeper and Longclaw)

*In testament to her character, Arya Stark is in two places at once, to the left of the throne hidden in the shadows and to the far right out of shot, holding the dagger to Little Finger's throat and her Needle sword which points to JJ Adams' favorite board game.

*Cersei holds a bell from when she was made to do the walk of shame.

*Tyrian holds a pack of cards and a goblet to show his previous love of drinking and gambling.

*Samwell Tarly holds a game of "Operation" and risk after performing the operation on Jorah Mormont with the Greyscale and the "Risk" involved.

*The Dagger on the table was the very same used by Roose Bolton to kill Rob Stark.

*The Rings on the table are from the famous "Red Wedding" episode.

*The Coin on the table is the infamous Valar Morghulis coin that was given to Arya.

*The ring on the table belonged to Rob Stark.

*There are Role-playing Game Dice on the table to represent the roles the actors play.

*Joffrey’s crown is on the table, along with Robert Baratheon’s crown.

*The Lord of the Rings Monopoly represents the influence the books had on George RR Martin when creating the "Game of Thrones" series of books.

*Little Finger, (Peter Baelish) is flipping a coin and is in control of the games, much like in the series up until his death.

*The Dagger Arya Stark holds to Little Finger's throat is very important in the series.

*The Hounds helmet is to the right of Daenerys, between her and Cersei.

*The Snow in the background represents this all happening in Winter.

*Most of the outfits and characters are from the current Season 7.

*The board games represent various occurrances that have happened in the series.

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