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Nigel Cooke *NEW*

Nigel Cooke Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonArtist: Nigel Cooke - Original Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:-

West Yorkshire artist Nigel Cooke started his artist life as an entertainer and caricaturist with Butlins before taking his talents to Blackpool where he tested his skills having completed an estimated 50,000 caricatures in his time.

The fast, fluid movements needed for successful character capture, led Nigel to experiment with drawing buildings and soon his impressive cityscapes took on a life of their own.

Many famous skylines have been captured by his eye and preserved in paint. Iconic buildings such as the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are popular subjects for him and he loves to capture pavement cafes in Paris with the stunning backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. There is hardly a city which hasn't had his attention.

Nigel has progressed from smaller boards and has more recently completed several impressive pieces on aluminium. He is now looking at canvas works, sometimes float framed and is experimenting with some very impressive sizes! 

If you are looking for a Nigel Cooke original and you have a favourite view or a city in mind then ask us about a commission piece, where you can pick not only the size but also the scene you really want to see! Call Diane on 01759 307652 or message us using the webchat button on your screen.