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Artist Laura Bofill - Original Paintings:-

Laura Bofill’s elegant solo studies explore the expressive qualities of painting and figurative photography in combination with exquisite costume and adornment.

Born in Spain in 1983, Laura as brought up in an artistic household. Her father was a sculptor and his female figures helped to shape her views on of aesthetics and beauty. He was also an innovator, working with resin with great effect at a time when it was not commonly used. Knowing she was bound to tread the same path as them, she studied at universities London and Dublin as well as in her home city of Barcelona. After a number of years working across a variety of creative industries including film, textile design, photography and ceramics, she visited New York in 2005. Here she enrolled in a drawing class at the city’s School of Visual Arts and this experience convinced her to combine her gifts for photography and painting into fine art.

Over the years, Laura’s work has evolved, often in response to where she lives. When she was based in a busy urban metropolis she created works which she has described as architectural and industrial, because that was the world she inhabited. When she moved to the mountainous region where she now lives, she began to make works which combined the female figure with elements of nature. After creating her initial drawing or painting of the central figure, Laura photographs it before transferring it onto a panel of wood or metal which she then overpaints again by hand. The fantastical elements that surround the figures, the exotic birds and flowers, the ornately patterned backdrops, are enhanced by the texture of paints applied in subtle relief and she will often add such embellishments as gold and silver leaf. The contrast and depth of the image is then highlighted by the gloss and transparency of resin.

Laura’s eclectic approach is a result of many years of varied creative experience and a high level of training across a range of disciplines. She has been exhibiting her original mixed media work since 2010 in galleries in all over Europe and North Africa and they have been well received at prestigious art fairs all over the world. She was selected for the Vila Casas contemporary art prize in Barcelona.

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