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Artist: Zalini - Original Paintings:- 

Zalini is a self-taught artist based in Bedfordshire.

He has worked in a Zalini Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pockligntonvariety of mediums as a professional artist for many years always looking for something different to separate his work from others and develop a unique style in the art world. This journey has led to his unique scribble style artwork.  

This technique involves using syringes to create fine 3D lines of thick viscous high gloss paint, which are applied to a flat service using gravity to assist. The overall desire is to literally inject life into scribble art to create these free-flowing fine lines, that start off very random but come together as the piece develops into its final form.  

This unique technique exhibits a special depth to each piece that changes throughout the day as the light hits the painting in different angles. Each piece is created on either box canvas or brushed aluminium panels to add further texture and a quality finish, complimented with a deep black ash wood grain frame. A certificate of authenticity is attached to the rear of each painting.     

He mainly concentrates on a black and white theme for a modern looking simplistic colour scheme, sometimes adding a hint of colour to a piece when it requires.

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