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Joanne Symonds

Joanne Symonds Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Artist: Joanne Symonds - Original Paintings:-

Joanne grew up in Barnard Castle, a picturesque market town in the North of England. She began her love affair with art at a very young age and as her talent developed Joanne has realised that her preferred combination was oil paint on canvas.

Working tirelessly Joanne has fine tuned her beautiful technique and after a personal break of 7 years she is ready once again to face the art world! 

Joanne's beautiful paintings draw a fine balance between detailed likeness and a loose impressionist feel. She enjoys the freedoms of casual but still obvious brushstrokes and has an appreciation of how they come together to create scenes which feel familiar and draw upon long lost memories of places we love... ​​

With this latest collection Joanne has drawn her inspiration from Italy, a country whose old world charm she loves, enjoying the atmosphere of rustic backdrops and rich culture of art, architecture and food...

She captures this with delicate colours and bold brush strokes, breathing life in to the conversations happening outside quaint cafes and underneath brightly coloured parasols...

Now living in Newcastle, Joanne loves to spend time with her husband and her dog, a beautiful border terrier :) She has developed a love of the city and the magnificent Northumberland coastline and has hinted that new collections of work will celebrate these new experiences and memories.

With several successful exhibitions behind her Joanne is eager to see how her new collection is received...