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Sue Gardner

Artist: Sue Gardner - Original Paintings:-

Sue Gardner At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklignton

Sue Gardner believes colour plays a mysterious and vital part in our lives. She creates big bold colourful canvases that will make a huge impact on your home, adding joy to your life every day.

As a synaesthete, Sue ‘sees’ colour in letters numbers, words, and names, she also ‘hears’ colour in music. This has a great influence of her sense of colour in her work.  

Sue’s main driving force in life has always been a love of animals, as they are her natural painting subject. She also takes inspiration from the beautiful National Forest in which she resides.  

Sue has a rare condition called Sarcoidosis, which is an ongoing battle with sight loss. However, Sue feels she owes a certain amount to this, as it was being ill initially that led her to begin painting seriously ten years ago. Sue now has impaired vision, but she says: “I can still see well enough to enjoy painting, I simply paint on bigger canvases”.