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We are truly an independent art gallery, with the freedom to offer you a fantastic range of original paintings, limited edition prints and sculpture! The gallery is run by husband and wife team Diane and John who carefully hand pick each piece you see on the gallery wall :) You will find artwork from new and upcoming independent artists, as well as some well-known names with a strong and respected art career! Gallery displays are always fresh and you're sure to see something different so call in and say hello :) If you have any questions about the website, just ask on the chat button below

NEW Heather Howe

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NEW Amy Louise

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NEW Katy Jade Dobson

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NEW Mackenzie Thorpe

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NEW Mark Davies

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NEW Danny Abrahams

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NEW Marie Louise Wrightson

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NEW Tony Gittins

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NEW Nigel Cooke

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NEW Tim Shorten

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NEW Richard Blunt

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NEW Angus Gardner

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NEW Brenda Herd

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NEW Ben Jeffrey

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NEW Craig Everett

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NEW Michelle Mackie

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NEW Sannib

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NEW Doug Hyde

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NEW Paul Oz

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NEW Abbie Hulson

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NEW John Waterhouse

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NEW J J Adams

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