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Welcome to The Acorn Gallery

We are a truly independent art gallery, run by art-loving husband and wife team Diane and John. We carefully hand pick all pieces of art for the gallery and we represent some very collectable artists as well as promoting new talent and a wide range of up-and-coming artists too. The website shows all original art, sculpture and limited edition prints which are available, and the gallery itself has an ever-changing display featuring different artists all the time. We welcome enquiries so feel free to call us on 01759 307652 or just chat with us on the button below.

NEW Doug Hyde

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NEW Malcolm Hull

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NEW Zalini

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NEW Phillip Bissell

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NEW Stuart McAlpine Miller

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NEW Tim Shorten

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NEW Mackenzie Thorpe

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NEW Mark Davies

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NEW Richard Blunt

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NEW Caroline Deighton

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NEW Dean Martin

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NEW Andrei Protsouk Originals

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NEW Hue Folk

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NEW Yulia Lisle

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New Rayford

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NEW Dan Robinson Ford

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NEW Rob Bishop

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NEW Vincent Kamp

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NEW Hamish Blakely

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NEW Miss Aniela

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NEW Neil Dawson

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NEW Dylan Izaak

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NEW Derrick Fielding

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