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Gina Fisher

Artist: Gina Fisher - Original Paintings:-

Gina Fisher Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Gina remembers the time at school when her art teacher pulled her to one side after a lesson and told her to seriously think about a career as an artist. After much thought, Gina decided to persue a career in the hairdressing industry instead, training with the very famous brand Toni & Guy and winning many awards. Although she loved using her creative streak as a hairdresser, she always felt like she had ‘more to give’ so picked up a paint brush again and the rest was history!

Her work is inspired by the vast complexities of nature- often painting her favourite animal, the hummingbird and all sorts of other beautiful creatures. It also has a Japanese influence after falling in love with the intricate details of their patterns and the elegance and richness of Japanese interiors. The paintings are highly detailed and often on a large scale, cleverly contrasting areas of calm and simplicity with more hypnotic areas of random chaos. With an aim to make people think about their surroundings, Gina notes that most people are distracted by their phones and their hectic lives. Art is a special way to make people loose themselves for a moment, simply with paint on a canvas. Gina’s favourite colour pallet is a stunning combination of deep emerald greens, pinks, yellows and blues but often goes beyond that. She loves the use of black and grey against bright pops of colour, delicate embellishment including gold/silver leaf, diamond dust, 3D paint and marbled paint poured flowers. 

“Texture is so important in my paintings. I feel like its all part of the luxury of owning an original piece. I often use resin to finish in a variety of ways such as dripping the resin on the canvas to look like rain droplets or coating the whole piece and adding cut glass! I really love the contrast of using shiny resin against a matt background. I also enjoy using really thick oils in certain areas as it creates a tactile finish on the canvas which, for me, is all part of creating the connection between the viewer and the art.”

“I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love creating it.”