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Rob Bishop Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Rob Bishop is an exciting young artist who works in wood. He has taken the word ‘create’ to a whole new level combining digital skills with technical ability and using both to create unique imagery built up in layers with many individual digital components. 

This imagery is then transferred to his ‘canvas’ which is a 12mm maple-veneered board. The image is engraved into the wood using a special laser printer, a technique that has taken a long time to develop and is a closely guarded secret!  

Once the image has been etched into the wood then Rob begins his labour of love, enhancing and painting and staining the imagery to his taste. 

He will often use wood stains, inks, oils and spray paints varying in colour throughout the spectrum in order to achieve his desired finish. Each single artwork is created uniquely and for that reason each piece is therefore original.

Rob Bishop is also known for his ‘original variations’, a term which he uses to describe a piece which has the same base image but with a totally unique and original background. This allows him to explore different looks and finishes for a character but all based on the same starting piece.  

Even though the base image is identical, the ultimate finish, colour and background of each piece will vary immensely, which is why each single one of his works is classed as a unique original piece of art. 

The name of Bishop is synonymous with quality woodworking as Rob’s father Reg has an excellent reputation for making fine furniture.