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John Waterhouse *NEW*

Artist: John Waterhouse - Original Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:- 

John Waterhouse Artist AT The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

John Waterhouse is one of the UK’s leading landscape artist and having grown up in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, John has had a boundless inspiration for painting and drawing. Even at the early age of 16 he won a significant school prize for his artwork and this helped to establish his journey as an artist.  

Painting took over every spare moment of his life, even whilst he was working. John continued to paint and draw at every opportunity honing his skills and perfecting his artistic capabilities. His drive to become a successful and accomplished artist never waned and he took part in local exhibitions and took on commissions at every opportunity, all the while establishing the name of John Waterhouse as a highly respected landscape artist.  

John taught art to young offenders and came to believe that art has the power to touch people’s lives and change them for the better in a multitude of ways. “It gives us the power to express ourselves and release our emotions. Through art we can tell the world what we are about. Art lets you dig deep inside yourself and turn the energy into something positive, something people can see and hopefully gain inspiration from.”

The interest from galleries and private collectors was gaining momentum and his reputation as a serious artist began to grow significantly. Johns paintings have been published in the UK since 2001 and their desirability has helped to elevate him to one of the most widely recognised and collectable landscape artists. 

Even as early as 2002 John Waterhouse was listed in a US art magazine as one of 25 artists you should know. In 2004 he was awarded the best up-and-coming artist award from the UK fine art trade guild. Today his work is widely collected and easily recognised and brings a classic yet still contemporary feeling to any room. 

‘The ability to let one’s innermost emotions spill over into a painting is, I believe, the essence of being an artist, giving the viewer a window into the soul’