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Artist: Sannib - Original Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:-

Sannib Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

SannibĀ is a British contemporary artist of Syrian-Lebanese descent who lives in London. His work focuses on contemporary portraits and abstract themes.Ā SannibĀ started painting at the age of 10 without taking any lessons.Ā 

He took his first figurative and abstract painting lessons with the Syrian painterĀ Farid Georges.Ā SannibĀ later experimented with abstract themes and acrylic painting under the guidance ofĀ Mard Issa who was a student of the Norwegian classical painterĀ Jan SƦther.Ā 

SannibĀ is a graduate in Graphic Design from the Syrian Design Center, Aleppo, Syria (1997) and worked for 18 years in advertising and creative agencies in Kuwait, the UAE and London.Ā 

Utilising his skills in both graphic design and painting,Ā SannibĀ has developed his unique mixed media art style by blending graphic elements, painting techniques and textures. He uses several materials and mediums, combined with vibrant colours and finishes.

SannibĀ finds inspiration in bright colours, textures and lights. He discovers his colour palette in the natureā€™s colour scheme, with a focus on the golden shades of the earth and the blue shades of the sea and sky.

The story behind the half face:

Each person has a contrasting side to their personality which is hidden. Only one side of the individualā€™s face is revealed intending to highlight their personality which we are already aware of. The hidden side symbolises undisclosed aspects of a figure's personality and parts of his or her life story that are unknown to the public. It represents life stories and secrets that may not be known to anyone. Sannib celebrates in his unique artworks legendary and beloved celebrities with an everlasting legacy and portray them in his vibrant and innovative style.

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