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Henri Miller

French Artist Henri Miller - Original Mixed Media Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:-

Henri Miller is a contemporary mixed media artist taking inspiration from popular culture and travel with a focus on champagne. He enjoys playing with the beautiful bottle shapes and adding gorgeous colour to accentuate the desirability of some of the worlds finest champagnes.

Born in France, Henri later spent time living and studying Fine Art in Germany in the 1990’s. He immersed himself in the underground art scene in Berlin, creating shows inspired by music, politics and photography. He was carried along by the city's vibrant night life but after his education finished he was able to spend time travelling, visiting a wide diversity of cities to further develop his personal style and absorb as many cultural references as he could. 

Miller is best known for his energetic use of colour and the great variety of techniques employed to create his vision. His works often begin with an emotive reaction to his immediate environment, which he then visualises using digital mediums which are followed up with his own energy whilst adding physical elements to bring the piece together in the real world.

His striking works bring an air of contemporary elegance to any space and the impressive size of his originals can be a real statement! Ask the gallery for current availability or if you are interested in having Henri create you something bespoke!