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Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson Artist at The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonSculptor: Michael Simpson - Limited Edition Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculptures:-

Michael Simpson is world renowned for the versatility and technical excellence of his bronze sculptures.

There are few sculptors who can produce such emotive and detailed studies as he can. Michael achieves this from reference books, from his own drawings, and from using photography and observation. 

The walls of Michael's studio are covered in these references, allowing him to always have a ready glance in their direction.

Michael Simpson is also one of few 
sculptors who prefer to model in clay.

Wax is usually used for being so versatile but Michael loves the freedom offered by clay and is happy to work around 
its limitations.

He also actually enjoys working on several pieces at the same time moving from one sculpt to another as he is drawn to, driven by inspiration. 

A lifelong fascination with animal behaviour has amplified his outstanding artistic talent helping him to create tactile pieces which capture the charm and energy of their subjects.

Michael's unique ability allowed him to be accurate whilst still maintaining a loose contemporary feel making his style easily recognised and much appreciated by collectors.

Michael’s work has been sold all over the world. He has collaborated with other artists including David Shepherd and his celebrity collectors include Tom Jones. He has also sold work to raise money for a number of charitable causes including the David Shepherd Wildlife foundation and the Starlight Children's Foundation.