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Natalie Bell

Artist: Natalie Bell - Original Pastels:-Natalie Bell Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Natalie Bell is a self-taught artist living in Leicestershire. Growing up with artistic parents, she has been drawing since being able to pick up a pencil and fondly remembers drawing for hours.

Natalie’s drive and inspiration come from her passion for animals and the countryside. She has a particular interest in endangered and vulnerable wildlife.

Natalie prefers to work in pastel or coloured pencil using Clairefontaine pastelmat to create her own naturalistic style. She pays close attention to details in the eyes as she likes the subject to connect with the viewer capturing their soul and personality.

After taking time out to raise a young family, Natalie has never lost her drive and enthusiasm for her work. Recently, finding her flare again and restarting her art career commercially.