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Daniel Robinson Ford

Daniel Robinson Ford Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonAbout Daniel Robinson Ford:-  

Dan is a Yorkshireman, born and bred. Born in Leeds in 1978 he has been painting professionally since 2013.

Dan is often asked about his work and what kind of artist he considers himself to be. 

The question "What type of artist are you?" is usually answered by describing himself as a realist painter. Hopper's "Nighthawks" heavily influenced his early years, but it was Vettriano's "Mad Dogs" which persuaded him to try using a paintbrush.

Durer, Vermeer and contemporary painters such as Clive Head and Richard Estes all played a part in his education. 

Daniel's work put simply, is story telling. He applies curiosity, he references the current and the everyday and he re-defines it with a brush. His perception of it, his creation of individual piece's can take from a week to a month depending on the complexity and on  the scale of the work. 

What always remains integral to the Robinson-Ford signature artworks is the desire to create an image with a convincing level of detail. This hopefully holds the viewers attention long enough for them to question their initial interpretation. 

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