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Kealey Farmer *NEW*

Kealey Farmer Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Artist: Kealey Farmer - Original Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:-  

Artist Kealey Farmer was born and raised in Derbyshire and spent most of her childhood painting, drawing and doodling. It was therefore inevitable that art was going to become a such a big part of Kealey’s life.

Kealey is primarily self taught and it wasn’t until the birth of her second son that she decided to leave the corporate world and focus on art full-time.

She first experimented with acrylic paint on a large scale canvas and immediately loved colour and creativity! Her first show was a sell out and she knew that what she loved, was also loved by others… and so the story began…

The designs evolved and Kealey began to work on her ‘Energy Collection’, inspired by dream-like images intended to show more of a feeling then a visual representation. 

Kealey was inspired to include the use of new mixed media elements in her work and started adding beautiful Swarovski crystals and other hand made embellishments.

Recent collections have seen her focus on some pieces to celebrate Northern Soul with several pieces featuring iconic symbols of the movement, and featuring references to the music and musicians, especially Paul Weller. 

Kealey says ‘Throughout my life I’ve always loved exquisite things so it’s been a natural process for me to incorporate this into my work. I love colour, reflections and fluid movements, I want people to be captivated by what they see and hope to make people feel good through my art’. 

Here is a great little video made for us by Kealey…

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