Collection: Kealey Farmer Abstracts

Artist: Kealey Farmer - Original Abstract Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:- 

Kealey Farmer At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Artist Kealey Farmer was born and raised in Derbyshire and spent most of her childhood painting, drawing and doodling. It was therefore inevitable that art was going to become a such a big part of Kealey’s life.  

Kealey is primarily self taught and it wasn’t until the birth of her second son that she decided to leave the corporate world and focus on art full-time.

Although this is a new side to Kealey's work it’s actually a return to how it all started 20 years ago. Kealey began her career with large scale abstracts, based on colour and energy and it is something that she felt compelled to return to. 

These pieces have been almost 3 years in the making, using techniques that Kealey has learnt along the way and different materials, the art has clearly evolved from her earlier work but the underlying essence remains the same.