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Ed Rust

Artist: Ed Rust - Wire Sculptures and Stoneheads:-Ed Rust Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

One day in the gallery, rather a long time ago now, I was chatting to a couple in the gallery and as we were talking the gentleman admitted ‘I dabble a bit!’ 

‘Do you?’ I asked. ‘What do you dabble in?’ 

The gentleman’s name was Ed Rust and what he ‘dabbles in’ is now legendary!

Ed’s quirky, elongated figures are widely recognised for their exaggerated but still believable stance which we can all identify with. 

His ‘Dog Walking Man’ has brought many a smile and the ‘Kite-Flyer’ too, with talk of childhood outings and family days out. Ed's characters are uniquely made from a combination of wire and wood, with some cast elements. Each figure uniquely fashioned by his own hand.

And now we welcome a brand new collection to the Ed Rust Family - Meet the Stoneheads! These intriguing and tactile figures are each entirely hand made in ceramic, their child-like sense of innocence and curiosity holding your attention.