Collection: Peter Davidson - Deetz NEW

Deetz Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Artist Peter Davidson aka Deetz Original Paintings:-

I am a professional artist who lives and works in Newcastle.  

My early years were spent in the famous mining town of Ashington, home of the world cup winning Charlton brothers, which is where I picked up the nickname 'Deetz', don't ask me why Deetz, I think it was something to do with a footballer from way back when. I still sign my work with the name.  We moved to the mining village of Ellington when I was 9yrs old and remained there for nearly 40yrs until I moved to my current home on the outskirts of Newcastle.   

I started drawing at school and just carried on really. Drawing had always been a hobby of mine, but after being made redundant, I decided to make my hobby my full time profession. How lucky am I having a job and hobby rolled into one, no more is it a chore to go to 'work'  

As I have progressed, my work and mediums have evolved with me, and now I almost exclusively paint in oil.  

The inspiration for my work comes from my childhood memories of everyday life, playing out in the streets and back lanes in typical northeast mining towns and villages. My hope is that through my work, I can help to keep alive those memories of a time now sadly gone.