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Robert Cox

Robert Cox Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonArtist: Robert Cox - Original Paintings:-

Robert Cox was born and raised on a farm close to where he lives now on the outskirts of Manchester, although he was fascinated with Art from a very young age it wasn't an option and he qualified and worked as a technical engineer before going into business.   

Robert says the urge to paint never subsided and if anything just got stronger as he painted as a hobby until 2006 when deciding to try working full time as an Artist.  

Self-taught, he is always exploring new ideas and themes and this is reflected in the range of works he has produced whilst exploring the wonderful materials and techniques that make art such great fun. Robert is passionate about painting and virtually every waking hour he is either in his studio or thinking of new ideas. He often works from early morning to late evening, he says each painting is like a journey which unfolds from the initial creative spark through to completion.  
Robert usually works in oils on canvas and often introduces other mediums to achieve the desired effect, finding his engineering knowledge useful in the technical understanding of the mediums he uses to achieve some unique results. His favourite is applying thick heavy oil paint and he has spent years refining his technique. He does this 'Impasto Style' using a range of palette knife tools, several of which he has modified himself.  
Robert loves the heavy 3D 'sculptured oils' effect he creates and the visible mood changes and depth emphasised by his technique that can become apparent to the viewer under different light conditions. Whilst he paints different subjects, his favourite is poppies and the evocative feelings they stimulate. Robert is fortunate to have flowers including poppies growing freely near his home which gave him his original inspiration. He says he finds it fascinating the multitude of flowers yet no two are ever identical and he is drawn to the beauty, fragility and the feeling of 'tangled desperation' he sees when observing their chaotic existence. 
PERSONALISATIONS: Robert can discreetly include a regiment, name and ID number, date or even a message in a piece.  Commissions are welcomed so do ask if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help. 
It is interesting to note that Roberts work already sits in private collections across the UK and into Europe, as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai!