Collection: Danny Abrahams NEW

Danny Abrahams Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Artist Danny Abrahams - Original Paintings and Limited Edition Prints:- 

Our friendship with Yorkshire Artist Danny Abrahams began in 2012 when he walked in the gallery with an armful of paintings asking if we thought he was any good!. The Family had told him he was but hey - they're family and he wanted an unbiased opinion. 

We immediately loved his naive landscapes and these quirky characters and we knew straight away that Danny was something special.    

That first week we sold all the paintings he left us and so he brought more.  Surprised and humbled Danny continues to be  delighted that his love of painting has been taken on board by so many. 

His original paintings are highly prized with each one carrying its own tale of family, friendship and love.  The story of this self-confessed, try-it-and-see artist has captured the imagination of many and his work rarely hangs alone with many collectors preferring to have two or three pieces together for maximum effect.   

In these trying times the escapism afforded by these works is peaceful and calming and as popular as ever. Danny says “I’m from a generation of kids who ‘played out’ in a time of innocence, where our days were filled with fun and adventure. Use your imagination and step  into my world, where summer holidays last forever and snow falls so deep that it goes over the top of your wellies. Never stop dreaming!”