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Craig Scott Knight

Artist Craig Scott Knight - Original Paintings:-

Craig Scott Knight Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Craig Scott Knight was born in June 1964 in Evansville, Indiana, USA. His parents were an English rose and an American GI. He moved to England as a child in the 1970’s after his parents separated and has lived here ever since.

Craig's education includes a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Hull College of Higher Education, an MA (Fine Art) from Sheffield and Hallam University and also a PGCE in Fine Art from St Martins in Lancaster.

Craig is known to many as 'Sir' as he has has taught Art and Design in several schools and academies for over 25 years, teaching at GCSE, BTEC L1/L2/L3 and also A level. His last position was at Stockton Sixth Form College. 

His natural medium is and always has been paint, with drawing and sketching constantly in the background. He describes his influence as very eclectic, including Mod, comics/graphic novels, Pop art/ Neo-Pop and graffiti right through to fine art. Indeed he loves to include the opposites of art in the same piece where he can, incorporating his high art as well as low brow tastes as often as he can!

Craig loves to work in oils but also uses acrylic paint, watercolour, marker pens and spray paints to create the effect he wants for his artwork. Recently his Neo-Pop style has taken on, what has been called,  a 'fragmented post-modern abstraction'. The narrative, if you choose to look into it, is about the construction of ‘oneself’, the structure of memories and reality- fragments of ones existence.

In February 2022 Craig was invited to exhibit his artwork in the 'Burner Exhibition'  which was a Group Exhibition of International Street Artists including several big names, the biggest by repute being BANKSY. Other artists in the exhibtion were Dalek, Harry Bunce,  Pure Evil, Lucas Roy, Magnus Gjoen, Zoe Hyde and Kef!.

As a result of this show Craig's work is highly sort after in the USA and Australia and he is now looking to break in to the UK art scene.