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Jaimie Volkaerts

Jaimie Volkaerts - Original Paintings:-

Jamie Volkaerts Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Jaimie is a contemporary, self-taught, abstract and semi-abstract artist from Birmingham, UK. Her work is characterised by a creative use of texture and bold colours. She works primarily in oils with her process being very intuitive. She begins with an initial idea for the painting and as it progresses she uses this intuition to guide her until the painting is complete.​

Jaimie initially pursued a professional corporate career for over 20 years. It wasn't until she left work to be at home full-time for her children that she rediscovered art and painting. She is primarily self-taught but has taken numerous art classes to develop her technical understanding, technique and knowledge of art fundamentals. ​

Jaimie takes inspiration for her work by closely observing colour, nature and music. She loves spending time outdoors and uses this time to develop her artistic ideas. In addition, nostalgic reflections from her past growing up by the sea and going on long country walks often inform her painting ideas. She has a particular love of blues and purples which feature regularly in her paintings. ​