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Lucinda Brown Ceramics

Lucinda Brown Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonLucinda Brown - Ceramic Artist Original wall Sculptures:-

“My inspiration is from the heart, the feeling of serenity I try to hold onto throughout my day finds its expression my art.” 

People’s faces have always fascinated me. My Mum is a gifted artist and I used to watch her draw and paint portraits, so it came to me very easily. It wasn’t too much of a stretch to translate this gift into 3 dimensions using clay. Clay seduced me from the life of a dressmaker as soon as I touched it, during the last few weeks of a foundation course in Art. 

As soon as I felt the cold smoothness beneath my fingers I knew I wanted to sculpt. Alas! my first attempts were not magnificent but as with all things, whatever you practice , you will become good at. Sixteen years later I am able to create the kind of pieces I used to gaze at in wonder as a teenager, wishing I had such skills. Now I can take photographic images and transform them into heirlooms. 

Each portrait I make is exclusive. In many hours and even sometimes days carefully refining a likeness, results in art that I am proud to put my name to. All my faces are originally molded in clay then cast in plaster. The portrait casts will be used only once, but the random featured ones are mostly from my imagination and it makes more sense to re-use these to make them more affordable for clients who collect my art at home and abroad. 

The head and shoulder portraits are a labour of love and I jump for joy literally when another one is completed, delighting in the incredible gift.