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Malcolm Hull Sculpture

Artist: Malcolm Hull - Original Stainless Steel Sculpture:-

Malcolm Hull Sculpture At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

These brilliantly innovative sculptures have been created by Wigan-based retired sheet-metal worker Malcolm Hull. Malcolms vast experience in the fabrication industry has given him all the skills he needed to use his retirement to investigate his creative ideas. 

All of the pieces here are created from light gauge 316L stainless steel using mainly hand tools to create these imaginative statement pieces which are all unique designs. 

Creating these 3-D works of art from flat sheets of metal involves a lot of cutting and forming and there is also a considerable amount of welding. The final stages involve the grinding and polishing processes which are very time consuming but which are needed to produce the bright lustre on the finished surfaces. 

This allows these pieces to stay just as bright and beautiful in an outside setting as they do in your home or office. Malcolm also loves to be inspired by metal salvage and uses whatever he comes across that he thinks he can make use of. 

Malcolm spent 45 years working for Heinz in Wigan during which time he was able to salvage and make use of several scrap components from the factory. 

Before the beans are cooked they are transported through the factory on a conveyor belt and as they bounce along they create a dimpled surface on the food grade stainless steel conveyor belt. This dimpling becomes more and more pronounced until the conveyor is no good and needs to be replaced. 

Malcolm was able to rescue some of the scrap conveyor belts and uses them now to create his beautiful sculptures. Other metals used in Malcolm’s creative journey include satellite dishes, old copper kettles and even a shell casing from a 1916 mortar.