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Maxine Lowery

Maxine Lowery Needlefelt Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonArtist: Maxine Lowery - Original Needlefelt Sculptures:-

Maxine is a self taught needle felt artist. It all began four years ago after receiving a basic needle felting kit for Christmas and she hasn't looked back!

Maxine has always been creative, making many projects with her two daughters at a young age and now able to do the same with her grandchildren.

She also loves drawing, painting and sewing. But her passion is needle felting. Maxine studies photographs, pictures and her love of nature to bring the creations to life.

Needle felting is a very slow process of building up a range of locally sourced wool fibres over a wire frame, stabbing with fine barbed needles which knit the wool together. Maxine loves adding the finer details to give each creation its own individual personality.