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Katy Crabbe

Katy Crabbe Artist At The Acorn Gallery, PocklingtonKaty Crabbe - Original Paintings:-

With over 25 years of painting experience and as a predominantly self-taught  artist, Katy has evolved her style over time to reflect her love of the outdoors and passion for colour.  

Katy grew up in Dorset and now lives and works on the Wiltshire/Somerset border,  surrounded by the beautiful countryside which is a major influence for her work.  Focusing on skies, floral meadow and Gardenscapes, her paintings celebrate nature, the magic of our surroundings and childhood memories. Her work is whimsical, light-hearted with a bit of added sparkle!  

Using mainly oil paint applied with both brush and palette knife, layers are used to create work, which is bold and vibrant. Her techniques have evolved over time to create atmospheric and always colourful depictions which invoke emotions of joy, happiness, and warmth.  

Whilst Katy does paint in her studio, on a dry day you will generally find her painting outdoors.  She loves all seasons although her favourites are Spring and Summer, when her traditional English garden, and the surrounding blossoming countryside, come to life, where the bees and butterflies embrace the shrubs and wildflowers, the fragrances, and the colours. This inspires her unique and creative work that will entrance and captivate you.