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Ieva Baranovska

Artist: Ieva Baranovska - Original Celebrity Portrait Paintings:-

Ieva was born in Latvia but is a British citizen, having been living in the UK since 2001. She enjoys family life in the beautiful LinconshireIeva Baranovska Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington countryside. 

Ieva first discovered her keen interest in art as a child with her father inspiring her to draw and paint simple geometric shapes. Whilst she was growing up Ieva won many Art Competitions including the Leanardo Da Vinci grant to study at the School Of Arts and Design in Finland. She was also encouraged by her godmother to study at Art school in her hometown, later moving to the prestigious Riga College Of Arts and Crafts where she studied Fashion Design from 1996-2001.

During her college years Ieva worked hard to continuously improve her skills in drawing and painting, working at various art studios. After graduating she decided to put her artistic career on hold in order to travel and raise her family.

Ieva loves to paint with oils on canvas or board and her subjects include portraits and still life studies. She uses vibrant colours in her still life studies and like to play with contrasting light. Iveas favourite subject is portraits and every portrait starts with loose brush strokes and the eyes, allowing the character to come through the painting. It's not the subject alone that gives significance to the portrait its what she decided to include or exclude.