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Lenticular Editions by a Variety of Artists:-

A Lenticular print can easily be described as ‘specially prepared graphics, designed to work together with a lenticular lens to allow the viewer to see different images depending on the viewing angle’.

Well that’s easily said but not easily understood - so how else can we explain it?

Firstly we have to make it clear that you don’t need to look through something to enjoy these images. The lens is built in to the plastic upon which the images are printed. 

The images must be carefully chosen and the technique of interlacing (blending the images together) is very precise, it must be so, in order to produce the best effect.

The lens itself is a very complex plastic made up of individual lenticules and everything must be perfectly aligned with the interlaced image underneath it in order for the effect to work.

Each lenticule acts as a magnifying glass to enlarge and display the portion of the image below it and the image changes depending on the angle of the viewer.

It takes many lenticules working in harmony to form the entire lenticular image but this is how a lenticular print can appear to show movement or even have a three-dimensional effect - because your left eye and your right eye each have a slightly different viewing angle. Like we said, it’s all very precise! 

A few artists have chosen to use the lenticular print method to show off their artwork but historically earlier methods were used to create products like ‘flasher badges’ for icons like Elvis Presley and presidential campaign badges for figures like John F. Kennedy.

Todays methods are a world away from that and the technology is something else indeed but the lenticular prints we have in the gallery now are really quite special - come along and see for yourself or ask us for a video if you can’t get along in person.