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Edward Waite Archive

About Edward Waite:- Edward Waite Artist At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

Edward was born in 1989 and grew up in a seaside town on the east coast of Lincolnshire. He loved art at school and combined it with his love of surfing to paint surfing silhouettes, some of which are still proudly displayed at his old high school!

At University he was left to his own devices and interpretation helped his creative mind. After moving to Lincoln he was awestruck by the city buildings and became absorbed by structure and by the vibrant lights and noise of the city. A massive contrast to his seaside upbringing. 

Painters Kiefer, Pollock and Kline all played a part as Edward studied for his Fine Art Degree. Pollock’s process captured physicality, Keifer’s surfaces marks and layering provoked mood and Kline’s composition all influenced his work. 

Edward says 'I work with cityscape scenes rather than rural landscapes as I see the countryside as a picture already created, however within an urban environment it is often necessary to create a picture of beauty using the architecture…' 

'I start by drawing in sketchbooks which are filled with continuous marks, responding to my subject in a quick and portable way. The process of walking and drawing and the desire to keep repeating makes me look deeper and harder at my surroundings'. 

Edward Waites paintings are all Original pieces of Art and are mainly Cityscape Paintings. He has painted many Citys from around the world but Edwards favourite paintings are of London.  

Having been a painter since 2002, Edward’s style has now developed and has been greatly influenced by his his years of travel. He has now become a full-time professional artist and his passion for art and travel remains as strong as ever.