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Dream Big by Mark Davies

Dream Big by Mark Davies

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Available as a fantastic Limited Edition Print.

All Artwork is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  


“Ok, so the 2020 ‘Retrospective 2’ collection featured a dedicated movie piece, ‘Midnight at the mall’ which was my take on the brilliant ‘Gremlins’! Given that my ‘Retrospective’ collections are typically in November and timed to be perfect for Christmas presents, I like to get a film in there as movies and Christmas just go together, regardless of the decade.

This year I have gone for a concept that focuses in the main on the brilliant BIG’ that starred the equally brilliant Tom Hanks. It is one that has been on my list to look at for an age as it is one that I remember renting from ‘Video Venture’ as a kid.

The main narrative of the film being the wish of a boy to become older and effectively fast forward what would typically be his formulative years is one that really shone to me. ‘Retrospective’ represents the importance of looking back to special memories to inspire you to look forward, to be brighter, happier and more positive, even if only for a moment but that moment is enough to make a difference, or even just to influence a decision. For me personally, I am looking back to my childhood more and more in recent years as it makes me even more appreciative of how great and special things were, it helps. I would give anything to relive parts of it, physically I can’t of course but my art gives me that opportunity to relive it emotionally. So, the idea of a kid wanting to fast forward to adulthood seems so wrong. Yes, I know it’s only a bloody film, so this is where the secondary narrative comes in!

In addition to celebrating a key moment of the movie, there is a positive message to ‘dream BIG’, to open your eyes and imagination and live for the moment, to be a kid. To be inspired through the joy of playing, really playing. Tablets and gadgets dull down the wonder of using imagination to fuel dreams, childhood is where dreams are born. So, what I show in this vivid scene is how the toys that we play with as a kid can become the tools of our careers when the time comes. You’ll see the iconic red and gold BMX and on the opposing side is the stunning red Ferrari. Have you spotted which movie that is from? Ok ignore who’s driving it, that is just showing how I become so consumed in the piece when creating it and those random ideas pop in when you are in that mindset, the big kid remains! I’m not one to list out every reference and reason as I love how you all enjoy seeking those out and trying to fathom what the hell I was thinking!

Going back to the movie itself, one angle was to feature the amazing department store ‘FAO Schwartz’ as I always loved the scene when they dance on the big light-up piano. However, I felt that this could encroach on the 2019 ‘The Memory Remains 2’ toy shop piece that so many love and now own. The store and the piano have both been referenced within this scene, one more obvious than the other! Like I said, ‘BIG’ is a great movie and Hanks plays the role superbly, the narrative is amazing and the toys that feature are just brilliant. I love how so many of them are so different to what we typically remember playing with. But you know me, you know I love the darkness (not the catsuit wearing lot!) and this exists big time (no pun intended) with the character that when he speaks, things happen… ZOLTAR! The deserted boardwalk at night with just the solitary, crappy looking fortune teller machine was an image that always stuck in my head. Would I have had the balls to go over and make my wish? I’d like to think I would but not sure! You?

So, this scene that you now see is dominated by ‘ZOLTAR’, to recreate the cabinet took an age but was really satisfying to see the end result play out just as I had hoped. Those bloody eyes! I’m not sure if it has anything to do with us all being scared shitless by a rumoured ‘dog with red eyes’ that roamed the spinney at the top of our court as kids but when Zoltar’s eyes shone red, there was something there. Powerful! That part of the film was shot brilliantly! The closed and battered shutters of the snack kiosks behind lend themselves to the huge amount of detail that is all blended together giving it a graffiti quality without committing the crime as I know it can cause offence. Oh, hang on, one popped out, sorry buddy! I love the funfair at night set behind the solitude of the boardwalk. It serves as a contrast on how so much activity and crowds can exist so close to a point in time when you find yourself alone in that moment. Shut out all that is going on around you, ignore the freaky green guy toasting mallow and just focus, make your wish!

I would love to think that this piece appeals to more than just those who loved the movie and attracts people to what it stands for. As for Zoltar, I reckon I could go toe to toe with him now, actually, does he have toes? Maybe he could be sat like the newsreaders do, all dolled up in his gear but naff all below. But does he have toes? Do ghosts have teeth? Ok, it’s late and I need to get out of the studio as there’s way too much glass and it’s pitch black. Are there two red dots through the window? Were they taillights in the carpark, I’m sure they were, surely not, no it can’t be! Not the dog with the….! Can someone come and get me please!”

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