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Bring Me To Life - Unlock The Heavens In My Mind (Harry Potter) by Mark Davies *NEW*

Bring Me To Life - Unlock The Heavens In My Mind (Harry Potter) by Mark Davies *NEW*

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Available as a fantastic Limited Edition Print.

All Artwork is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  


The sheer brilliance of Harry Potter could see it fall within both my ‘Storyteller’ and ‘Lost in Hollywood’ collections, as can many other subjects as many start off in print. For me however, due to the incredible art of Storytelling by J.K Rowling, I have positioned this as a ‘Storyteller’ piece.  

As I am celebrating and acknowledging a decade of creating art with meaning, I have spent a good time reflecting on past pieces, from 2014 and 2015 especially when so much of my work was deemed quite niche due to the complexity of the concept and meaning. Many were so obscure you may not have known of the story that it was born from. That was probably a good thing when I was commissioned at that time to create a piece on ‘50 Shades of Grey!’ It was a great period as so many were collector or gallery requests to simply take on a favourite book and interpret it how I saw fit. As an artist in my formative years and one that lacked confidence and direction, I was always humbled by this show of faith in me as a storyteller tasked with looking after their investment as well as a subject that often involved a deeply personal link.  

A good number of these were based on Harry Potter, they included The Room of Requirement and Hogwarts and would often involve that choice between darkness and light. So, for 2024 I wanted to embrace this and go back to my roots as such whilst also hopefully demonstrating my progression from a technical perspective. It’s always a tricky one when you list out the subjects that you are going to be releasing as when collectors see a title, their minds start racing and that can be challenging when you know that you have taken something on that is not blatant and instead using the very essence of the story but in a way that means it can relate to many others who may not even know or care that it has links to the title. So, I am always very transparent with that. ‘Draco Dormiens’ and ‘Anything’s Possible’ are two very successful pieces that I have created in the past and both scream Harry Potter without needing to tackle the narrative. For ‘Bring Me To Life’ I wanted to make it all about the meaning.  

What you see here is an image and its narrative inspired from a much earlier piece called ‘The Struggle Within’ which focused on the Mirror of Erised and the choices we make with the battle between dark and light. In addition to this I have also embraced the success of past pieces ‘Fight or Flight’ and ‘Lithium’ that each involved a cloaked figure that, along with the meaning, dominated the artwork, making the fairy tale simply become a subtle link. It was the cloaked figure that drew me in with my initial thinking for ‘Bring Me To Life’ as it creates so much intrigue and ability for people to relate for so many reasons. There was a clear link as I could then focus in on the Cloak of Invisibility.  

However, I wanted more from this piece. If I had simply put a stationary cloaked figure stood in front of the mirror, it would have looked great but ultimately static. I wanted to push it and myself further and show the point where the reaction happened from when the figure looked into the mirror. That way there is more drama and emotion and a stronger link to the underlying narrative. You must push yourself as an artist and storyteller. So, what you see is almost ghostlike in appearance, it is haunting and creates a response. The cloak of Invisibility and the Mirror of Erised work in unison here through the meaning that drives this piece. What I have done is to depict someone who lacks confidence, self-belief, self-worth and direction and through wearing their cloak they feel or want to feel invisible to others. Sad but true.  

Now here is where you take control, what do you see, or need to see? The mirror is meant to show you your deepest, most inner desires, but what do you see? Are we looking at the figure reacting in a positive or negative manner from what they are shown? That’s not for me to dictate. I have simply handed this over to become your artwork, your interpretation, your reason for connecting. Whichever you decide, the next step is the same – the figure has a decision to make, which way do they turn? You can see from the exploding glass shards that there is a reaction, a connection. What we do know is that the truth is there, like it or not. How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Because eyes are like mirrors or doors into one’s soul.  

If you look through the exploding glass you will see that the forest awaits, hinting that regardless of which direction you choose to embark on, you are going on a journey. Personally, I absolutely adore this detail, see how the red detail links to the tiny red sections on the stained-glass windows? Look at the scrawled messaging on the walls and the floors if you please. It’s sad, so sad but still ultimately positive. The figure is at that point, looking for answers, for hope, whilst acknowledging where they are at that moment in their life. ‘Searching to find a love upon a higher level’ contrasts with ‘finding nothing but questions and devils’ suggests that they are truly lost and wanting to be found. ‘You are the life among the dead, bring me to life, save me from the nothing I’ve become’. Heart-breaking isn’t it, and sadly all too common. However, no one is ever truly alone, there is always hope and good souls to guide you.  

Music drove this piece; it took it to a higher level. It battered me throughout, it haunts me now, I’m trying to type through tears. ‘Last Resort – Reimagined by Falling in Reverse is the song. In addition, ‘Bring me to life’ by Evanescence adds to the emotion within the image and its narrative.  

I love how close darkness resides to light and the battles that play out between good and evil, it resonates, and runs amok through my art. Life is all about decision making right? So, you’ve seen what you wanted to see or feared you would see. What now? Which way? Look left and you’ll see the beauty of guidance and direction from those who you have loved and learned from. Look right and you see those who haunt you, who stalk you, those who ‘lie’ in wait for you, who prey on your vulnerability. Fuckers! You’re stronger than you think, braver than you realise, and despite what you may think, you are never, ever on your own! Choose life, please x

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