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Rob Bishop *NEW*

So Serious (Joker) by Rob Bishop

Regular Price £1,295.00
So Serious (Joker) by Rob Bishop


Medium: Mixed Media

Image Size: 34" x 34" 

Framed Size: 39" x 39" 

This is an Original Variation which is one of a series of 10 using the same image. Each one is an Original in its own right as it is created and painted from scratch and is not a print. 

"I manipulate an image digitally; which is up loaded to a laser machine and etched onto wood. I go to work on the piece with different colours, stains and layers of lacquer to create the image I have in my mind. When satisfied with the image, a final layer of lacquer is applied followed by a hand polished finish . Each piece is signed and marked with my thumb print. No two pieces can ever be the same and therefore every piece is unique."

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