Angus Gardner Art Exhibition and Artist Appearance at The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington on Saturday 16th March 2024 from 11am.

When ‘Little Acorns’ GROW - An Artists Road to Being Published!


In February 2023 John and I received an email from a new artist asking us if we were interested in representing their work. This in itself isn't unusual and obviously we can’t say yes to everyone, but sometimes an artist will stand out from the crowd and Angus Gardner is one of them.

Angus has an incredible 25 year background in commercial art and works with some fabulous and very reputable brands but the work has always been done to a brief, rather than from the freedom of his inner-self so his incredible talent had never actually been given free reign.

A meet-up with an old friend after lockdown had raised the question of '‘so what do you paint for yourself’… a question to which Angus had no answer.

This was the trigger which sent Angus on a journey of self-discovery and his daily walks with his faithful german shepherd dog Obi, soon produced inspiration. A collection of works followed which were all based around the wildlife that he saw in the fields and woodlands around his home on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. 

Angus Gardner with Obi At The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington

His stellar reputation kept his ‘day job’ as busy as ever but his energy and enthusiasm for his own creations led him to work late into the night and throughout the weekends.

Once the collection was ready Angus came along to meet us and brought some of his artwork so that we could have a chat in person. Sometimes it’s the artist, and sometimes it’s the art, and sometimes you really can’t put your finger on it but when the mix is right then it just works.

We soon came to an agreement to represent his first collection and ‘ Walks with Obi’ was born and in 2023 we launched this first collection to our customers here in Pocklington and across the U.K.
And now, almost a year to the day, we are beyond delighted to launch Angus Gardner on his journey as a published artist, having been signed by one of the UK's top publishing houses. 
We will launch with an appearance and exhibition here at The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington and we invite you all to come along on Saturday 16th March to meet the man himself and where you will have the opportunity to buy the original paintings along with early numbers from a small run of limited edition prints.
Angus Gardner art exhibition and artist appearance at The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington on Saturday 16th March 2024 from 11am.
Join us with a complimentary glass of bubbly whilst you enjoy the exhibition :)
For more details call Diane at The Acorn Gallery on 01759 307652.
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