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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes? (Indiana Jones) Billboard by Mark Davies

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes? (Indiana Jones) Billboard by Mark Davies

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Type: Limited Edition Print

Edition: 10

Medium: Giclee On Paper

Image Size:  32" x 24"  

Framed Size:  38.5" x 30.25" 

Signature: Yes. Hand Signed By The Artist

Certificate: Yes

Delivery: FREE UK Delivery

This piece comes with a hand embellished frame.


This piece has a three-fold narrative to it and was created to embrace everything that is great about the Indiana Jones films, the colour ways of the piece are there to reflect the movie branding as well as to help create a striking image on first look. Ultimately, the concept of this piece is to create a scene completely from scratch that epitomises the atmospheric scenes from the films, in this case a temple that opens to reveal a staircase that leads up to a landscape and scenario that we can’t quite see and isn’t clear as to whether what awaits is a beautiful sunset or an environment that burns. I wanted to create a sense of suspense, intrigue, and drama where you would be wary of what lies ahead, could the huge stone heads come to life, what hides within the twisted roots and is the sky actually on fire? The scene showcases a good number of iconic film references, some clearer than others, Indiana’s’ sword, hat and whip, his pistol are all there along with the golden idol, cherub from the Ark and the odd skull! 

The secondary layer of narrative embraces the roll of good vs evil that plays out in so many of my pieces, beautiful lighting combines with black smoke and eerie shadows. The steps are key here, they represent the journey that one must make to overcome constraints and conquer their challenges and face their fears to reach that next stage. There is a sense of urgency in the piece, represented in the foreground where the ground is starting to fall away, exposing skeletons of the past. The journey is blocked by the snake to represent a significant obstacle that is there to stop you climbing up. The title of the piece was chosen to represent that acknowledgement that you need and want to start your journey but accept that your personal fears exist and will be there to confront and test you. The steps are flanked by candles, the left are all lit and there to guide your every step, the right are all blown out, signifying darkness, although 1 solitary flame burns there - representing the hope to see some good in the darkest of souls. The decision to move upwards and overcome the darkness has already started and is shown in the scene with the dove in flight watched by the solitary crow and the serpent. What lays ahead is unknown at this point. 

Finally, the third layer is one that you might see straight off or go searching for clues (Archaeology) to clarify the inclusion of certain objects. What I have done is to create the composition of the scene so that it looks like you are watching the scene unfold from the front row of a movie theatre and that you’re so immersed in the movie that it becomes real, drawing you in to live the scene. The idea here is that it reaches out to people who find themselves in that position where they need to make changes for the better and set foot on that step. This movie concept is why there is a discarded drinks cup and popcorn within the scene, I wanted to add this layer so that it becomes a subtle nicety that evolves the piece from simply a cool landscape-based piece. 

There are a lot of references within the piece and will leave you to find them, I had to place Indiana’s’ hat at the focal point of the piece, it would be wrong not to and with it teetering on the edge of falling only to be held by the weight of the pistol it adds to the drama and is an acknowledgement of when he comes so close to losing his hat, grabbing it at the last minute. Ultimately, I have striven to create something that challenged me technically and that is immersive and intriguing that will be embraced by fans of the movies and is as deep you want it to be.


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