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Victoria's Promise by Tim Shorten *NEW*

Regular Price £495.00
Victoria's Promise by Tim Shorten *NEW*

Limited Edition Print Of 25

Medium: Giclee On Canvas

Image Size: 12" x 40"

Framed Size: 22" x 50"

Who is Victoria?

The woman in red in the foreground, making or receiving a promise with her lover? The little girl, promising to be good and to take care of her pocket money? The woman asking for directions from the policeman? Or, indeed, any of the other women seen here?

Could she even be more than one of them?? Or again....might Victoria be the station? As a child in the 1960s, a trip through a railway station always promised great excitement, as it meant we were going on holiday, or at the very least a day out. (They were always called railway stations, not 'train' stations).

As with so many of my images - and especially this one - the possibilities for stories are virtually endless. The one you decide on ultimately will be shaped by whatever your own life has shown you so far, regardless of whether you actually remember scenes which looked like this.

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