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The Devil On My Shoulder (Black And White) by Mark Davies

The Devil On My Shoulder (Black And White) by Mark Davies

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Available as a fantastic Limited Edition Print.

All Artwork is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. 


I have been asked to do this piece pretty much since I first started with my abstract figurative imagery, but it is always a case of timing. 2020 saw my first Joker piece when I released ’Smile’ as part of ‘Lost In Hollywood 3’ which was driven by the impact that watching ‘Joker’ had on me from a mental health perspective. A truly incredible piece of filmmaking and storytelling! 

Watching how a person can change into something so destructive whilst being so detached from their actions as a result of being driven and pushed by the devil or devils on their shoulders was harrowing. Truly harrowing. Later that Summer saw the first ‘Lunatics and Legends’ collection which featured ‘Harley Quinn, this was hinted at if you look closely within ’Smile’. The plan for 2021 was to simply reverse this, so ‘Lost In Hollywood 4’ saw ’Toxicity’ released that showcased Harley in ’Suicide Squad’, which then set me up to finally create the Joker in this format.   

Art with meaning, art with reason. My works have always been driven by aspects of mental health, be it from my own experiences and emotions at the time or embodying those of a person who was struggling with their demons. Everyone struggles in so many ways, some live with their demons from day one and have never seen the sun, others are dragged down by opening the door to the devil and who’s whitest of walls become blackened by phantoms that cast their shadows so strongly behind them. Ultimately it is the voices that you hear that can define the outcome, do the words that heal come from another or from within? At the same time, words that burn - who, or what fans the flames? The devil and I.   

My hope for this piece is that it will resonate with many, for so many reasons as the devil comes in so many forms. Strip away the make-up and the masks that we wear and acknowledge why your shoulders can feel so fucking heavy and your air around you can feel like a cage. Acknowledge how things can quickly turn black if allowed to. Turn your head away from the darkness, even if in stages at first and if all you feel that you see to your left or right is black then look upwards. 

This piece can simply be enjoyed as a celebration of three brilliant iterations of one ‘villain' and that is fine, after all that is how so many films are enjoyed. Or you could look a little closer, a little deeper into the mirror. Who do you see? Do you see someone close to defeat or someone who is a split second away from rising upwards. I know who I see today and who I don’t. 


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