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Stealing Stones And Breaking Bones (Snatch) by Mark Davies

Stealing Stones And Breaking Bones (Snatch) by Mark Davies

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Available as a fantastic Limited Edition Print.

All Artwork is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.   


BONJOUR! This is the follow up to last year’s ‘Lock Stock’ piece and is set within the gypsy site and with this one the composition is pulled so much further back. The aim was to raise the bar and get so much more detail in there and by pulling the composition back it allows you to really ‘go to town’ with all the different references that you see within the film. With all of the ‘one liner’s that everyone knows it’s the challenge to take something like that and see how you can translate it into a visual sense, into an object to find and to try and understand my way of thinking.  

To watch the film took close to five bloody hours to sit there and make notes and see how you can get those small references within the scene. A good example being the Lancaster Bomber, it’s quite striking within the image but is only a subtle reference within the film and most people probably don’t know it was there.  

It’s been great to get back involved, it’s such a brilliant film! One of my favourite actors is Vinnie Jones and that’s why the ‘Lock Stock’ piece featured his character’s car so prominently and I’ve done it again with ‘Bulletproof Tony’, the fact that he’s an ex-Leeds United player as well, me being a Leeds fan, any opportunity!  

There’s so much to spot, any chance to get a naughty word in there! It’s just a quality film and it’s nice to do a piece where you’re not trying to create an underlying narrative but purely trying to do justice to such an incredible film and I’ve just loved every minute of it. Good luck trying to figure out what half of those references mean!

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