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Our Remembrance Tree Charity Print by Kealey Farmer

Our Remembrance Tree Charity Print by Kealey Farmer

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Type: Limited Edition Print

Edition: 45

Medium: Giclee On Paper

Framed Size:  33.5" x 33.5"

Signature: Yes, Hand Signed by The Artist

Certificate: Yes

Delivery:   Hand Delivered to mainland UK for a small delivery fee. 

On deckled edge paper with hand embellishments before being framed and returned to Kealey to apply 3D resined elements to the glass!

The Forces Children's Trust

Wishbone Publishing & Kealey Farmer Charity Partner

The Forces Children’s Trust was launched in January 2004 by Denny Wise, after his friend’s son was killed in Basra, leaving behind a son and a yet unborn daughter. Although counselling plays a fundamental part in the journey of grief, the children inevitably felt very isolated in terms of their bereavement. Such isolation is often magnified when spending time with other families who have not experienced such trauma.

The Trust offers all children whose parent has either died, or received life-threatening injuries, the invaluable opportunity to spend time with other children and families who share a similar experience and loss. Unlike so many other charities, the Trust takes on a family role, there is no expectation for the children to share or discuss their grief, yet the bonds created between the children over time are truly special, and I have seen for myself the comfort they draw from each other through knowing they are not alone; that other children have experienced similar heartache.

I have been privileged to have met and spent time with some of the children who have been with the charity from a young age, and who are now blossoming into adulthood. What is reassuring is that the charity recognises and acknowledges that although children are generally resilient, their journey through grief is in no way less painful or enduring than that of an adult and so the continued support through to adulthood is key in helping them come to terms with their new life.

Although the charity exists for the children, widowed parents also gain immensely from the opportunity to share the struggles and hurdles encountered on the journey of grief with others, and a camaraderie similar to that experienced within the forces quickly emerges.

Whilst the number of military personnel deployed is thankfully reducing, this does, however, mean that the focus of the military in the public eye is also in decline. Sadly the number of bereaved children that require the support of the Trust is not reducing at the same rate, as we strive to meet the needs of all children who have lost a parent whilst serving and not solely those killed in action.

The work carried out by the Forces Children’s Trust, is very important and we have recently increased our remit to include the children of those who suffer with PTSD, as long as their injury is proven to be attributable to their service in the British Armed Forces. Meetings with Combat Stress have already taken place and they are happy to work with us.

Children of our Civilian Forces i.e. Police & Fire Service also suffer due to loss of a parent, we are also including some of those and have recently agreed to work with the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund. Some of their children have already had the opportunity to join the FCT on an Outward Bound week in the Lake District, they also joined us for the FCT Snozone event and Christmas Party in late November 2017

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