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Leveret Raku Sculpture by Paul Jenkins

Leveret Raku Sculpture by Paul Jenkins

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Type: Open Edition Sculpture

Medium: Ceramics

Size: 8" x 7" x 4,5"

Signature: No

Certificate: No

Delivery: Hand Delivered to mainland UK for a small fee

Every sculpture large or small takes approximately 2 weeks to make. Each one is hand crafted from a unique formulated clay. Bisque fired to a high temperature in a kiln. Glazed and then kiln fired for a second time and finally fired for a third time in a specially designed Raku kiln. The finished piece is then soaked in a formulated solution to remove excess carbon and then cleaned.

Please contact us to order this piece so we can advise of current delivery timescales. Ring us on 01759 307652 or use the webchat button below, thank you 

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