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Bustin Ghosts (Ghostbusters) by Mark Davies

Bustin Ghosts (Ghostbusters) by Mark Davies

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Available as a fantastic Limited Edition Print.

All Artwork is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  


Nothing like a bit of pressure is there! My previous Ghostbusters piece ’Saving The Day’ sold out, which was the perfect result following on from my very first piece ‘Who You Gonna Call Now?’ that was so popular back in 2016. 

It is all about timing, with the imminent release of the new Ghostbusters movie ‘Afterlife’ (which looks absolutely incredible and true to the narrative and spirit of the franchise), ‘Lost In Hollywood 4’ is the perfect platform to bring ‘Bustin’ Ghosts’ to life!  

’Saving The Day’ signalled a move towards a much more blatant interpretation of the film for me with the introduction of ‘Stay Puft’ and ECTO-1 shown in its full glory and the reaction speaks volumes. Throughout the past year the piece has featured in the backdrop to several high-profile personalities online and on TV which has led to some exciting things as well as giving me such amazing positivity that I will always value and embrace. I have had so much interaction with collectors and Ghostbusters fans with suggestions towards this new piece and I have certainly added them within this crazy scene that you now see.  

Throughout my ’Storyteller’ works I have loved featuring grand old buildings that are starting to blacken and burn and there was always only one route for this new piece and that was to focus on the Museum of Art as it is overwhelmed by the pink stuff! The movie itself shows the building completely covered by slime, but whilst working on the artwork I was concerned that it would lose the impact and detail of the building. So, what you see is the point where the Museum is close to being swamped, with fires raging from upstairs windows and ghosts circling. I have gone with the much-overlooked ECTO-1A as the lead car, parked centrally as the Ghostbusters have torn into the building to wage war with evil! As soon as that car goes into the scene the whole piece changes, it’s just so bloody cool!  

Another huge moment from the film and perfectly suiting the craziness of the era is when the Statue of Liberty rocks up to the party and she is a key part of this piece, whilst also not being too dominant. What I love, and I hope you do too, is that despite how blatant and 'in your face’ this image is, it still retains the qualities of my earlier works where you can’t quite see what is going on in the places that matter. This leaves you to decide what is happening within the Museum, has the key person evaded their trap?! Speaking of my earlier works, I remember a time when creating a blackened sky was a no no, well take a bloody look at this one! There is so much intensity and drama from above as the energy builds and the city of New York is threatened!  

You know how I love my colours, and I’ve gone to town here! The pinks against the blues are so incredibly vivid and perfect for the era that it was set. ‘Slimer’ was well hidden in ’Saving The Day’ (did you ever spot him?), but he is coming right at you in this one! What a brilliant character! A later addition to the piece was the introduction of the Titanic and I absolutely love how it has turned out and the qualities that it brings to an already rammed piece. You’ll remember from the film that the line ‘better late than never’ featured as the ghost ship finally docked, how creepy was that scene?! I didn’t feel that it suited this piece, so I have switched it and what we see is her sailing majestically past with her lights further adding to the beautiful colours above. I just love it, there has been plans for a Titanic inspired piece for years, this isn’t it, but it shows the potential!  have absolutely loved working on this piece, the memories that Ghostbusters stirs up is so strong and so needed. I am often asked what is my favourite film as a kid, I used to say that I had several. But from working on these 3 pieces over the past 5 years and the intensity of the childhood memories that explode every time, I can confidently say that Ghostbusters is my all-time favourite and judging from the reaction since day one it appears I am not alone. No individual owns the 80’s but I own and need my memories and I love the fact that I have an ability to share these with you and to create so much joy to so many. Thankyou.

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