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Are You A God? (Ghostbusters) by Mark Davies *NEW*

Are You A God? (Ghostbusters) by Mark Davies *NEW*

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A fantastic Limited Edition Print celebrating 40 years of this iconic movie.

All Artwork is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  


What better way to celebrate the first ‘Ghostbusters’ movie turning 40 by unveiling an incredible collaborative tribute by British digital artist Mark Davies and journalist and presenter Alex Brooker!

‘Are You A God?’ is what you get when two huge creative minded ‘Ghostbusters’ fans come together and cross streams, OK, so it may not be total protonic reversal (that wouldn’t do anyone any good), but it is one heck of a piece of art!

2016 saw Mark first demonstrate his love for the franchise with the release of ‘Who You Gonna Call?’, a piece created to encourage you to seek out the hidden details and clues from within Ghostbusters HQ, a trait that followed on from his ‘Storyteller’ works and that lead him to creating the start of an epic cinematic art collection that we know so well, ‘Lost in Hollywood’!

Two years later saw the intensity ramp up with the now sold out ‘Saving The Day’ limited edition that showed the crew and their iconic ‘ECTO 1’ heading out to save the City from the demonic ‘Gozer’. The reaction to that piece was phenomenal and it was the reason how Mark and Alex were introduced. It was during the dark times of COVID-19 that collectors saw Alex’s ‘Saving The Day’ print hanging behind him during a live stream and alerted Mark to it. From that point it has been a genuine case of a mutual respect for what the other does, combined with a wonderful, shared love for all things ‘Ghostbusters’ and beyond.

Alex is an avid collector and supporter of Mark’s movie artworks, and it was in 2021 that he commissioned him to create an original piece of art on ‘Home Alone’, another film that Alex adores. The results were spectacular and not only described as the best piece of art on that movie that exists but also proudly featured on SKY TV. The whole process was so much fun and demonstrated what can be achieved working together on a subject that both absolutely love.

So, how could that be followed up? Well, this is how! Winter 2023 is when Alex challenged Mark to create something amazing on one of his favourite scenes and that could work as a project that could benefit a specific charity. What started out as a text message has evolved and exploded into a gaw-droppingly epic scene that will not only excite fans of the film and show what happened after the ‘Ghostbusters’ headed out that night, but it will do so much good for an incredibly worthy cause that is ‘Reach’ - the leading charity in the UK that provides support for children and young people with an upper limb difference and their families.

Alex - “I can still remember how blown away I was when I first saw ‘Saving The Day’. I’d never bought a piece of artwork before but that quickly changed! I genuinely love Mark’s work and it’s been great getting to know him over the past four years. This has resulted in me adding ‘Bustin’ Ghosts’ to the “Ghostbusters wall” in my house and commissioning ‘Somewhere In My Memory’. Alongside ‘Ghostbusters’, my other great cinematic love is ‘Home Alone’ and the piece went beyond my wildest dreams. Collaborating with Mark was a joy and ultimately led to what is by far, the best piece of ‘Home Alone’ art I’ve ever seen. That I can say its mine is even better.

And so, we come to ‘Are You A God?’. Much like ‘Somewhere In My Memory’, I had an idea of what I wanted the piece to show. A text to Mark with a picture of an iconic scene on top of ‘55 Central Park West’ aka ‘Spook Central’ has led us here. I wanted it to reflect my love for ‘Ghostbusters’ and once again Mark has gone beyond my expectations! Make no mistake, while I have been fortunate to have such an influence on it and include so many of my favourite details from the film, Mark’s talent is what has delivered the incredible piece. And I’m so pleased we’ll also be helping ‘Reach’ – a charity very close to my heart.  

I said before ‘Somewhere In My Memory’ is the best piece of ‘Home Alone’ art I’ve seen, and when it comes to ‘Ghostbusters’ – WE GOT ONE!!!!!”

Mark – ‘I love what I do, to have the ability to re-imagine my memories as visual artworks that resonate so strongly with my collectors is absolutely brilliant. The only way this is topped is when you get the opportunity to collaborate on a commissioned piece, everything is amplified, the emotion, the ideas, the responsibility to do justice to their hopes and vision and then seeing the excitement build as that seed evolves and explodes into reality!

For me, it is the interaction and the emotion that is everything to me, I feed off it. Not for my ego, hell no! It is quite simply because art to me is everything, it’s how I talk, bleed, and ultimately heal. So, to know that Alex is such a fan of what I do is so special. To then collaborate with him and feed off each other’s passion and bring his thoughts to life as well as have a damned good laugh in the process was amazing. I’m not sure it’s right to describe us as the ‘Gatekeeper’ and “Keymaster’, that might come across as a bit strange in your neighbourhood!

I pride myself on having strength through adversity. I have immense respect for Alex and the outstanding courage that he shows and the success that he enjoys, it’s remarkable and the passion for everything that he takes on is a joy to see. I have huge respect for the man.

‘Are You A God?’ is epic! I am buzzing at the result! So much so that I could probably grab a proton pack and take on the ‘prehistoric b*tch’ myself! I hope you guys enjoy seeking out all the details within the scene, it’s all in there, and some! As well as being a cracking celebration of a huge moment in an iconic movie, the image is so powerful for what it also represents, the strength of collaborative efforts to take on and win the battle.’

Offered in a range of highly collectible limited-edition formats ‘Are You A God?’ has all the makings of a true blockbuster that shows just what can be achieved when you really go for it and embrace authenticity. The boys did good! Call it fate. Call it luck. Call it karma. We believe that everything happens for a reason.

10% of profits will be donated to ‘Reach’. Visit to learn more about the amazing work that the organisation does, and how your support will help this wonderful charity.

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