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Walking the Dinosaur!

Diane Wass

Long established artist Michael Abrams has decided to get radical and explore his inner dinosaur using raw, expressive moves to push his creative ideas in a new and exciting direction.

Some Days I Feel More Alive Original Painting by Michael Abrams
His new works are BIG and BOLD and scream for attention making them an absolute winner in our eyes!
Michael uses a varied mix of spray paint, acrylics, oil sticks and pencils in order to create these loud yet strangely meaningful pieces to add a magical spark to any space making us believe something interesting is bound to happen! 
In a world where almost anything is possible these magnificent creatures transcend from the Jurassic to the Futuristic and cross every mystical wavelength in between!
Michael reveals a mind-boggling stream of unicycling Unicorns and Dinosaurs who dance the Tango.  This child-like approach throws caution to the wind and invites us to see the world through the eyes of the innocent. 
Abrams energy pours out in a massively enthusiastic way, complimented by his keen sense of humour, and encourages us to explore this strange new world which is exploding into ours with such great character!

Michael’s work is full of magical ideas allowing us to escape the mundane and giving us a timely reminder that our home is our castle and the way we fill it is our dream!

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