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TIM SHORTEN - Painting The Music of Life

The skill in the artist as the paint reaches the canvas can be quite a marvel to see. Sometimes it’s the crazy madness of splatter and colour and sometimes it is the pure, calming lines of the brushwork but both can be equally magical.

The art of painting is not just to recreate the image of what you see, either before you or in your mind's eye, but to also invoke a reaction, a response, from the people who see it.

One man who has perfected and refined his style in Tim Shorten, a retired teacher whose paintings are gathering quite some momentum.

Artist Tim Shorten standing in front of a display of his original paintings and prints at The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington near York.

Tim’s love of nostalgia comes out in his stylish portrayal of a bygone era, a time when the pace of life was slower and the interactions between people was seemingly more intense, more personal even, without the distractions of modern day.

The settings Tim uses for his paintings are those where the human emotion is at its highest... those say-hello-wave-goodbye moments at  beautiful old railway stations, with a stack of suitcases and a cloud of steam.

A man with a suitcase standing on a railway station platform in a cloud of steam looking at a couple and perhaps thinking of someone he misses. Painting and prints by artist Tim Shorten and artwork available at The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington near York.
We are instantly taken with the moment, the longing looks, is this the arrival, the welcome home or is it the last glance before a parting of ways? Who knows? Sometimes even Tim himself can find two tales to tell in the same painting.

The latest body of work to flow from this talented man celebrates the heady atmosphere of the jazz club. The whispered conversations, the exchange of glances as the sound of the trombone winds its way through the air.

A beautiful woman in a blue dress talking with a man in formal white tie evening dress. We imagine the setting is a jazz club as in the background a man plays piano and a trio of others play on trumpet, trombone and saxophone. Other couples are sat at tables with drink and sometimes smoking with their cigarettes in elegant holders, whilst others are dancing. Painting and prints by artist Tim Shorten and available from The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington near York.

These paintings have a way of transporting you, they pull you in and allow you to believe you can actually hear the music, these paintings almost demand that you stop and look, they reach out with invisible rays and allow their silent music to wash over you... it’s really quite something.

We always have a great display for Tim of both original paintings and his beautiful limited edition canvases. We have delivered his work the length and breadth of the UK and having seen the pieces he is working on now and the ideas for those yet to come, we know this is one artist who still has so much more to give.

Are you excited for the future? We are!

Artist Tim Shorten shaking hands with gallery owner John Wass in front of a display of original paintings and limited edition prints. All artwork available from The Acorn Gallery, Pocklington near York.

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