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It was the Best of Games, it was the Worst of Games...

Tuesday’s World Cup match between England and Columbia turned out to be not just a splendid example of the beautiful game but also an example of how these millionaire players, who find themselves in the spotlight of the world, can set a shining example to the younger generation!
Man of the Match Mackenzie Thorpe
This ‘Game of Life’ so doted on by the impressionable young (and not so young!) generations, does, without knowing it, set standards of behaviour which are often reflected away from the match field. 
The first class conduct of Harry Kane and his teammates has shown the World how to rise above bullying and how to achieve fantastic results without resorting to less gentlemanly tactics. 
Like Father Like Son Mackenzie Thorpe
Maybe this can be the turning point? 
The time when football once again becomes our National Game? 
This could be the time for these oft berated heroes to shine again... to lead the way... to teach a better, cleaner way of life to those who watch and mimic... 
This is the time for them to show that respect is earned not bought!
This young team have shown just what is possible and if, just if, there is a chance for the greatest of rewards... then let them Bring it Home! 
For in the inspiration of youth there is a new beginning and a world of hope! 

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