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Hidden behind the H... an artists story...

Born 1964
Born in Liverpool.
I was in the Pompidou centre in Paris, the huge modern art museum that is famous across the world and I was taking in all the exhibits and displays when I came across an empty exhibition room. I walked to the centre of the room and placed my plastic bag on the floor with my can of Pepsi by the side and then stood away.
It was fascinating to see what then happened with twelve people coming into the room within a ten minute period... three walked straight out in disbelief, however the remaining people studied the bag and tried to work out what the work of art was all about.
That in a nutshell is my work, not for all but fascinating for others in its intricacy and design with my love of colours being very much a driving force and this helps create very vibrant works of art designed to make you stop and stare.
All my works are created on Perspex, I just find that it allows me a lot more freedom than a canvas and allows me to do things that otherwise would not be possible and certainly helps with the end product.
The creations are not planned they tend to evolve as they go and can take weeks to complete with the aim to create something stunning that eventually will find its way onto an individuals wall, this is the driving force not financial gain.
Growing up in Liverpool was tough. I came from a broken home with violence a part of every day life, leaving home at seventeen it was a case of survival, a  boy in a mans world trying to find my way, even sleeping on the streets at times and I can say that art never once came into my head... but all this can make you stronger and I am pleased to say I got through and came out the other end just about in one piece and made a success out of my life.
I discovered art in my later years albeit by accident, indeed it was 2012 when I completed my first ever work of art!
Since my art career took off, I have became a published artist and have sold paintings all over the world and also I have been displayed in most of the major art shows in the UK, which I hope in some small way can be an inspiration to others who are finding life difficult, if I can do it then so can you.
If you are wondering why the pseudonym MR H, well lets just say I lead a very interesting life.
I hope you enjoy my works.
MR H    

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