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Diane Wass

It is said that ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’ but it is also said that ‘LOVE Makes the World Go Round’ so which is it? If you had £500 would that make you happy? £5000 perhaps? Or would it be the thing that you spent it on that made you happy? A new TV? A Sofa? A few days away?

'Be At Peace' Original by Danny Abrahams

More and more people are realising that the items they buy don’t always give them the payback that they hope for and maybe it’s time to look again at how they spend their hard-earned cash!

Investing in art has always been a tricky subject, you can look back and see what has become valuable in times gone by but how do you translate that to the art of today’s world? Modern tastes have come so far since Monet and Manet and even the way that art is produced is so different, that it’s hard to get a handle on it sometimes.

We can tell you who’s work has increased in value over recent years and we can tell you which artists sell well but one thing we can’t do is tell you what makes you tick…

Here at the Acorn Gallery we pride ourselves on showing a startling array of artwork by a wide range of artists, each of them trying to tell their story in the way they know best.

Some have had very modest beginnings and have worked their way up over the years to a level of recognition they previously only dreamed of. Selling out at limited edition level is a sign of true achievement and not easy to do but when the price of a limited edition is the same as that of an original piece of work by another artist then what do you choose?

Some people like the reassurance of buying into a name which has already been ‘approved’ by the escalation of their work and the recognition of the artists name. This does however often mean that the cost of a print can be many hundreds of pounds.

For many the lure of owning an original piece by a new and upcoming artist can be quite a thrill and there is something secretly satisfying about being on the ground floor when these things take-off!

'Just Winging It' Limited Edition Canvas by Richard Blunt

There are many high profile artists in the world who attract handsome prices for their work. They have spent many years building their profile and earning recognition whilst their early supporters have spent that time enjoying the piece that brought them that initial joy and realising the hidden value of their choice. 

When you buy an original piece of work from a relatively unknown artist, not yet highly priced but with that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that we find so hard to describe… then you are investing not only in the person and the work they have created but also in the time you will give to enjoying the piece and also, possibly, it’s future potential.

'Future King' Original by Gordon Corrins

Choosing something unusual, unique and beautiful helps you make a mark which is absolutely your own. Stand out from the crowd and let people see your true self! Dress your home with artwork which shows your personality and allows you to go beyond the mundane. 

Be confident in your choices, after all we only earn it once but it can be spent many times over, so choose well and buy something which pays you back a little happiness every day and maybe, just maybe, pays you back a whole lot more in time!

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