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CANADA - with Mum!

Diane Wass

When your 79 year old Mum suddenly announces a lifelong regret at not having visited Canada, what do you do?

The worlds second largest country was on our to-do list too, just not quite yet! So we spoke to our friendly neighbourhood travel agent and got help putting together a potential trip!

Gill at Embarque Travel here in Pocklington was brilliant! She has a fantastic knowledge and great connections so was able to put together a superb route covering the main points we wanted to visit along with some great suggestions for accommodation and sightseeing along the way!

The trip had potential dates of June 2024 giving us a year to tweak the plan and save up! We showed the route to Mum and said 'what do you think?'

At first Mum couldn't believe that we were serious, but she came back to us just one day later and said YES! With one caveat - she wants to go now!!

Now a lot of her friends think she is very brave taking on a trip like this at her age but you know age is just a number and she feels excited and ready so we're doing it!

We fly into Calgary and then take-on our biggest ROAD-TRIP yet as we (John) drive down through Banff, Jasper, Clearwater and Whistler. We then take the ferry over to Vancouver Island for a couple of days before returning to finish our trip in the beautiful city of Vancouver. 

It means the gallery will be closed from Sunday 4th June until we re-open on Tuesday 27th June, but we felt we couldn't deny Mum this trip of a lifetime.

Whilst we are away we will still be able to reply to your emails and of course we'll be on the webchat if you need us. All orders will still be processed straight away and we will arrange deliveries as soon as we get back.

We've also arranged some special offers for you whilst we're away, so take a look at the GALLERY WALL where everything over £249 has a special 25% discount which is applied automatically at checkout. This offer will apply for the whole month of June.

NB We are required to exclude Kerry Darlington, Mackenzie Thorpe and EDGE Sculpture from this offer.

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