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And The Winner Is?

Every year we like to tell you who has won our 'Little Acorns' Top Sellers Award, in other words, who has sold the most pieces in the last twelve months... and now the results are in if a tad later than normal!! 

In FIRST Place:  Danny Abrahams
Majestic Skies Over Flamborough Head Original by Danny Abrahams
In SECOND Place: Mackenzie Thorpe 
Three Times The Love by Mackenzie Thorpe
In THIRD Place: Marie Louise Wrightson
Summer Dreams Original by Marie Louise Wrightson
In FOURTH Place: Kerry Darlington
Moon Bear by Kerry Darlington
In FIFTH Place: Andrei Protsouk
Saving A Lonely Heart Original by Andrei Protsouk


Due to the popularity of Sculpture, we have added these to our  'Little Acorns' Top Sellers Award, in other words, who has sold the most sculptures in the last twelve months... and the results are in: 

In FIRST Place: Edge Sculpture
Highland Cow by Edge Sculpture
In Second Place: Christine Cummings
Jude The Ram Original by Christine Cummings
In Third Place: Louise Brown
Badger Original by Louise Brown
In Fourth Place: Paul Jenkins
Large Paw Up Hare by Paul Jenkins
In Fifth Place: Ed Rust
Saving All My Love For You Original by Ed Rust
 As much as we celebrate the top-sellers, we also pay tribute to all the artists whose fabulous work makes up the Acorn Family - this year was a very close result and close on the heels of those named above are Kealey Farmer, Mike Jackson, Richard Blunt, Shaun Tymon, Craig Davison, JJ Adams, and Doug Hyde... to name but a few!
 We would like to thank you all, the painters, sculptors and the patrons, the art lookers and the art lovers, the Facebook followers, the Twitter retweeters and the Instagram likers... we love you all :) 

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