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And The Winner Is...?

Every year we like to tell you who has won our 'Little Acorns' Top Sellers Award, in other words, who has sold the most pieces in the last twelve months... and now the results are in: 

In FIRST Place:  Danny Abrahams

Yorkshire artist Danny Abrahams has continued to go from strength to strength with his heart-warming paintings of peace, love and family time. In these trying times his works bring much happiness and with a growing collection of limited edition works too, there is something for every pocket...

On Top of the World, an original oil painting by Yorkshire artist Danny Abrahams, available from The Acorn Gallery Pocklington, delivery available


In SECOND Place:  Kealey Farmer

The lovely Kealey Farmer puts her heart and soul into every one of her beautiful paintings and it shows! They radiate love and you can really feel it... Kealey's works are perfect for any occasion but with Valentine's Day fast approaching they make an excellent choice...  

 Unforgettable by artist Kealey Farmer, available from The Acorn Gallery Pocklington, delivery available if required



In THIRD Place: Kerry Darlington

Artist Kerry Darlington is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the industry and the popularity of her beautiful story-filled works are testament to her stunning ability to capture the feeling of life and joy in any scene her heart desires to paint, and in doing so creating a rich and varied collection from pixies to princesses, dragons to panther's...

Folk of the Fae Tree unique edition by artost Kerry Darlington available from The Acorn Gallery Pocklington with delivery if required.


In FOURTH Place: Mackenzie Thorpe 

Middlesbrough born artist Mackenzie Thorpe says that everything he paints is a type of self-portrait, painting from his own memories and experiences, and in doing so capturing the very essence of family life, whether it's playing football in street, going fishing with Grandad, or just being grateful for life and love... Mackenzie's beautiful works have it all...

At Last, a touching reunion between grandad and grandchild by Middlesbrough artist Mackenzie Thorpe, all work available at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington Yorkshire with framing and delivery available if required.


In FIFTH Place: Marie Louise Wrightson

If you love something original but unconventional then the beautiful and magical paintings by artist Marie Louise Wrightson will capture your heart. Marie has a style all her own which her growing collector base have grown to love. With all things Alice in Wonderland playing a large part in her work, you will also find a brilliant collection of pop art and cult heroes, all painted with the same precise passionate intensity of a lady who truly knows her heart!

Original paintings and prints by artist Marie Louise Wrightson at The Acorn Gallery Pocklington


 As much as we celebrate the top-sellers, we also pay tribute to all of the artists who's fabulous work makes up the Acorn Family - this year was a very close result and close on the heels of those named above are Alexander Millar, Mark Davies, Craig Davison, JJ Adams, and Tim Shorten... to name but a few!

 So thank you to all of you, the painters and the patrons, the art lookers and the art lovers, the Facebook followers, the Twitter retweeters and the Instagram likers... we love you all :)  

 The beautiful shop front for The Acxorn Gallery Pocklington York who show a wide range or beautiful artwork from a great variety of UK artists.



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